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Ode (In Ancient Meter)

Mihai Eminescu


I never thought I would ever learn to die,
Forever young, wrapped in my mantle,
I rose my dreaming eyes to the star
Of solitude.

When suddenly you rose across my way
Suffering, you, so painfully sweet;
To the bottom I drank the voluptuousness
Of the ruthless Death.

Wretched I burn alive tormented like Nessus,
Or like Hercules by his own harness poisoned
My fire can’t be quenched by all the waters
Of the seas.

By my own dream consumed, I’m whining …
On my own pyre I’m melting in flames,
Can I ever brightly revive

From it lLike the Phoenix?

Let all the disturbing eyes, from my path now vanish,
To my bosom return, sad coldness;
So I can die in peace, to myself give back
The me.


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